What is the Penske Marten Flash Point Tester? :-

  • The test method is standardized by ASTM D93 and is based on heating a sample of the liquid at a controlled rate, while continuously passing a flame over the surface of the sample. The temperature at which a flash occurs, i.e., a momentary flame appears on the surface of the liquid, is noted as the flash point of the liquid.

What is the use of PMCC Flash point tester ? :-

  • The flash point of a liquid is an important parameter for its safe handling and transportation, as well as for determining the suitability of the liquid for certain applications. The Penske-Martens tester is widely used in the petroleum industry and other industries that deal with flammable liquids, such as chemical manufacturing, transport, and storage.

What is the Application of PMCC Closed cup Flash Point tester? :-

  • Quality Control: The Automatic PMCC Flashpoint tester is used to ensure that the flash point of petroleum products and other flammable liquids meet the specified quality standards. This helps to ensure safe handling and storage of these products.
  • Process Control: The PMCC tester is used in process control to monitor the flash point of products during manufacturing. This can help to detect any process deviations or problems that could affect the quality of the product.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The PMCC flash point tester is used to comply with regulatory requirements for transportation, storage, and handling of flammable liquids. These regulations often specify minimum flash point values for different products.
  • Research and Development: The Penske martens closed cup flash point tester is used in research and development to study the behaviour of flammable liquids under different conditions. This can help to develop new products or improve the properties of existing products.
  • Fire Investigation: The PMCC flash point tester can be used in fire investigation to determine the flash point of a liquid that was involved in a fire. This information can help to determine the cause of the fire and prevent similar incidents in the future.

What is the standard closed cup flash point apparatus follows :-

  • ISO 2719, ASTM D 93, IP 34, IS 1448 (P-21)

What are the features of HAMCO Automatic PMCC Flash point tester ?

  • It is fully automatic close cup flash point tester.
  • It runs both on Gas and electrical ignition Mode.
  • It is touch screen Colour display PLC Based control system.
  • Inbuilt Memory with 1000 data storage Memory.
  • Inbuilt Thermal printer which prints the data automatically after detection of the Flash point.
  • If it runs on electrical ignition mode than Gas or LPG is not required and it makes it use much more safer.
  • If it runs on Gas Mode, Hamco will provide you the butane gas cartridge where you can test 50 samples in one butane cartridge and as its volume is low it makes it much more safer.
  • Hamco provides standard sample along with the equipment to validate the instruments.
  • In Hamco 30D Automatic PMCC Flash point apparatus all three method under ASTM D 93 Flash point apparatus Method A , B and C can be run.
  • It is supplied with software which can be used to analyse the data.

Why Hamco ?

  • Hamco has reach experience in designing and manufacturing Automatic PMCC Flash Point tester since last 10 years. We are having more than 250 successful installation in India and globe. We are strong service support with In house manufacturing and software design capabilities.
  • Hamco is the first one in india to develop the automatic PMCC flash point apparatus in india and has many more such product in his belt and strongly believe in making high technology products indigenously in india.

Why HAMCO Make Automatic PMCC Flash Point tester ?

Are you looking for a reliable and accurate way to measure the flash point of your liquid products? Look no further than the Automatic PMCC Flash Point Tester. Here are some of the benefits of choosing this testing equipment.

  1. Automation and Precision: The HAMCO Make Automatic PMCC Flash Point Tester is equipped with a Touch screen Colour display PLC , which allows for fully automated flash point determination. This results in precise and consistent results, with minimal operator intervention.
  2. User-Friendly Design: The HAMCO Make Automatic PMCC Flash Point Tester features a user-friendly interface, with intuitive controls and a large LCD display for easy operation and data reading. The tester also has a compact and ergonomic design, making it easy to use and store.
  3. Safety and Compliance: The Automatic PMCC Flash Point Tester is designed with safety in mind, with features such as a safety interlock system, flame arrestor, and explosion-proof housing. The tester also complies with international standards such as ASTM D93 and ISO 2719.
  4. Versatility: The Automatic PMCC Flash Point Tester can be used for a wide range of liquids, including petroleum products, paints and coatings, and chemicals. The tester also supports various test methods, including Rapid test, Closed Cup Flash Point test, Manual test, Instrument test etc.
  5. Cost-Effective: The Automatic PMCC Flash Point Tester offers a cost-effective solution for flash point testing, with its high degree of automation and precision resulting in reduced operator time and improved efficiency.

Investing in an HAMCO Make Automatic PMCC Flash Point Tester can provide your business with a reliable and accurate way to measure the flash point of your liquid products, while improving efficiency and ensuring compliance with international standards. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can benefit your business

What is the difference between Open cup flash point tester and closed cup flash point tester ?

The method is Penske-Marten Flash point tester The method is Cleveland Open Cup flash point tester
The temperature range is 40 400 Deg C The temperature range is 79 400 Deg C
It is normally used for Evaporable samples It is normally used for Non Evaporable samples
It is suitable to samples like Diesel, Bio diesel, Transformer Oil etc It is suitable to samples like Engine oil, Hydraulic oil, Lubricating oil etc.
Typically used for Low flash and High volatile samples Typically used for High flash and Low volatile samples
It is Much more safer as the Cup containing sample is sealed with lid and minimal chance to catch fire. Slightly less safer and compulsory to use Fire lid whenever flash detects to make it to more safer. HAMCO Automatic Open cup flash point tester is having this facility.
The ASTM Method it complies is ASTM D 93 The ASTM Method it complies is ASTM D 92

HAMCO 30D Automatic Pensky Martene Flash Point Apparatus As Per ASTM D 93

Test Method: – Flash Point is lowest temperature at which application of the ignition source causes the Vapour of a specimen of the sample to ignite under the specified condition of the test.

The temperature of the approximately 70 ml test specimen is increased rapidly at first and then at a slower constant rate as the flash point is approached. At specified intervals a test flame is passed across the cup, to measure the tendency of the test specimen to form a flammable mixture with air under controlled laboratory conditions.

Standard: – Conforms to the specifications of:

ASTM D93; IP 34; ISO 2719

Features & Benefits:-

  • Range: 40 to 400 deg C.
  • Test Method: ISO 2719, ASTM D 93, IP 34, IS 1448 (P-21).
  • Ignition Source: Electrical ignitor with LPG gas
  • Temperature Sensor: PT-100 in stainless steel
  • Flash Detector: CRC
  • Controller: Touch Screen, Colour Display with PLC with audio visual alarm to check the machine. 3-wire RTD temperature sensor, free potential flame detector sensor as i/p. with automatic barometric reading
  • Inbuilt storage memory for Flash
  • Flame-Sampling Arrangement: 10 Rpm, D.C. 12 v or 24V DC, gear motor, vertical movement reciprocating to & fro

9) Heater: 800 W, 230v.

  • Electrical ignition flame-sampling. Ignition transformer having continuous o/p of 6 Kv. D.C. from 230 v A.C. i/p.
  • Equipment Overall Size (LxWxH): 280mm (W) X 530mm ( D ) X 415 mm ( H )
  • Equipment Gross Weight: 22
  • Equipment supply will be 230 V Ac, 50 Hz with 15 amp


Single Action Setting: – The Flash Detection sensor and temperature sensor are permanently mounted on a lid, which allows easy setting of the specimen.

Easy Operation: – Select a Test Mode and enter the expected flash Point. While instrument executes the test, you are free to do other lab work. The tester follows the exact procedures prescribed in the test method and the completion of the test cycle is signalled by buzzer. The test result is brightly shown in VFD and same will be stored in the HMI.

Automatically Shut The Machine And Horn The Buzzer In The Case:

1 EFP+30oC or at 400oC is reached
2 Temperature sensor is found defective
3 Flash detector is found defective
4 LPG solenoid is working
5 Stirrer not working
6 Heater has gone
7 Side Ignition coil/solenoid has gone

Installation Site: Temperature: 0 to 45 degree C, Humidity: Less Than 90% (No condensation).


  • Power Supply 230 V Ac, 16
  • GAS Supply (LP Gas or Natural Gas Pressure Less than 8 Kpa) in case of gas fired.

Accessories Will Be Supplied With Equipment:-

  • Pensky Martene Cup & Lid — 1 No (Cat No Hamco30ac1)
  • Thermal Printer — 1 No (Cat No Hamco30ac7)
  • Thermal Printer Roll — 1 No (Cat No Hamco30ac8)
  • Pc Interface Cable 1 (Cat No Hamco30ac9)
  • Software For Above– 1 (Cat No Hamco30ac10)
  • Thermal Fuse 1 (Cat No Hamco30ac5)
  • Signal Cable – 1 ( Cat No Hamco 30ac6)

Spares Required For 5 Year Trouble Free Operation:-

  • Ceramic Heater — 2 (Cat No Hamco30s1)
  • Thermal Insulator — 1 (Cat No Hamco30s2)
  • Pensky Martin Cup With Lid — 2 (Cat No Hamco30ac1)
  • Ignitor Coil 3 No Each (Cat No Hamco30s3)
  • Cooling Fan 1 (Cat No Hamco30s4)
  • Thermal Printer Roll 5 No ( Cat No Hamco30ac8)

Electrical Requirement

  • 220-240V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 9A
  • OR 115V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 8A

Dimension: – Ixwxh, in.(cm) 11x22x17 (28x53x41)

Net Weight: 49 lbs (22kg)

Shipping Information:- Shipping Weight: 78 lbs (35kg) Dimensions: 4.7 Cu. ft.

Ordering Information:-

Catalogue No Product Description Electrical Requirement
Hamco 30D Automatic Pensky Martene Flash Point Apparatus 220-240v, 50/60hz
Hamco 30D Exp Automaticpensky Martene Flash Point Apparatus 115v, 50/60hz
Hamco 30S1 Ceramic Heater
Hamco 30S2 Thermal Insulator
Hamco 30AC1 Pensky Martene Cup With Lid
Hamco 19S3 Ignitor Coil
Hamco 19S4 Cooling Fan
Hamco 19AC8 Thermal Printer Roll

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