Bod Incubator Standard / GMP Model

“HAMCO” BOD Incubators are designed primarily to meet the requirements for tests of Biological Oxygen Demand / Biochemical oxygen demand and equipped for controlled incubation and storage of sensitive samples / cultures, vaccines etc. . These incubators are designed to meet the testing challenge of pharmaceutical competitive research field and enhance the scientific efforts of educational institute and organisation.

HAMCO Make GMP BOD Incubator is especially built to Pass FDA and ICH Q1A compliance standards and have a reputation for reliability, quality and performance. Exceed FDA/ICH guidelines for long term, intermediate and accelerated stability studies.

  • Temperature Range 5.0 °C to 60.0 °C. Accuracy +/- 0.1 °C. Uniformity +/- 1.0 °C
  • Temperature Display : Digital LED 3 ½ digit, Resolution 0.1 deg C
  • Heating system: U shaped Nichrome wire heater in SS Sheathing.
  • Cooling system: Hermetically sealed CFC free Emerson compressor with R 134a refrigerant.
  • Air circulation: Flange Motor with Impeller and blower.
  • Interior Illumination for working Area.
  • There will be two nos of blower from 450 Ltr Onwards.
  • Double walled, gap between walls filled with PUF Insulation.
  • Standard Model: Stainless steel Mirror polished chamber and heavy gauge Powder- coated CRC exterior.
  • GMP Model: Stainless steel Mirror polished chamber and exterior of dull finish stainless steel.
  • Double door: Inner full Viewing door and outer door insulated with lock and key arrangement.
  • 50mm Validation Port with silicone rubber seal to insert sensor for validation purpose.
  • 3” Thick CFC Free Puff Insulation.
  • Stainless steel Trays. Adjustable Tray Height adjustment.
  • Unit Mounted on castor wheels with front lock arrangement.
  • Microprocessor based PID temp. Controller with auto tune facility for precise control of temperature.
  • Temp. Sensor: PT- 100.
  • Dedicated safety controller with separate sensor to cut off the supply in case of overshoot and undershoot of temperature giving audio visual alarm. ( Optional)
  • Recorder data bank to store and print set values , process values , date and time of master controllers with variable print time intervals ( Optional)
  • Alarm: Audio visual alarm if temperature deviates from the present temperature.
  • PC Interface communication card with RS 485 for temperature and humidity control system ( Hardware only) ( optional)
  • Over heat temperature with alarm.
  • Electrical overload compressor cut-off.
  • Time delay for compressor switch on.
  • Electrical short circuit breaker.
  • Room temperature around machine preferably at 25 degree C.
  • Stabilised input voltage of 230V Ac, 50 Hz, and 20 Amps.
  • Water drains line with ½” Nozzle to be provided at floor level.


  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software with audit trial ( who did what and when is recorded)
  • Multilevel Passwords.
  • Data storage device has online and offline capabilities.
  • Multi chamber data acquisition on single software.
  • Tabular and graphical report, alarm deviation report.
  • Mean Kinetic temperature report and alarm deviation report.
  • Audit trial report.
  • Attractive reports and graphs.
  • Alarm report.
  • Time synchronisation.


Ordering Information:

Standard GMP Cu. Ft Litres Chamber Over All Unit Packed in wooden case VAC Hz Watts
HAMCO42S -3 HAMCO42S G-3 3 90 45x45x45 60x95x110 2 110 165 230,50 1500
HAMCO42 S-4 HAMCO42 G-4 4 120 45x45x60 60x95x125 2 150 225 230,50 2000
HAMCO42 S-8 HAMCO42 G-8 8 200 60x60x60 80x110x125 2 220 300 230,50 2500
HAMCO42 S-12 HAMCO42 G-12 12 324 60x60x90 80x110x155 3 230 320 230,50 2500
HAMCO42 S-16 HAMCO42 G-16 16 450 60x60x125 80x130x175 4 340 430 230,50 4000
HAMCO42 S-21 HAMCO42 G-21 21 600 60x80x125 80x130x195 5 365 465 230,50 4000
HAMCO42 S-28 HAMCO42 G-28 28 800 80x80x125 100x130x210 5 390 500 230,50 4500
HAMCO42 S-34 HAMCO42 G-34 34 1000 80x80x155 100x130x220 5 430 525 230,50 4500

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