Automatic Bomb Calorimeter

Test Method :- determines the gross Calorfic value of any solid or liquid sample by determining the water equivalent by burning 1 gm of known CV sample.

Standard :- confirm to the specification ASTM D 4809, D 240, DE711, IS -1350- 1966, BS 1016 PART 5-1967, IP 12/63 T.

Features & benefits :-

  • Type of method: – isothermal.
  • Method of detecting temp. Rise : automatic.
  • Method of detecting calorific value : automatic.
  • Touch Screen PLC.
  • Automatic measurement and calculation of Calorfic value / water equivalent.
  • 21 x 4 character lcd display
  • Thermal printer interface with printout report.
  • Auto alarm on completion of test.
  • Pc interface for data recording.
  • Weight of the sample to be filled by keyboard.
  • Calorimeter vessel made of SS
  • Bomb support to ensure correct positioning of bomb in vessel.
  • Ambient working temp range : 15 to 35 degree c
  • Heat capacity :- 5800 to 6500 cal/deg c
  • Process time: – 10 to 12 minute
  • Temperature resolution :- 0.001 deg c
  • Oxygen bomb endure pressure : 300 kg/cm
  • Humidity requirement : less than 85%
  • Power supply: 230a VC, 50 Hz, 10 amp
  • Heating load: 2 kW.
  • Control panel/display :
    • a. Digital display of temperature.
    • b. Auto temp. Rise detection based on microprocessor chip based. User has to press one button and is free for doing other thing while microprocessor will take reading automatically.
    • c. Automatic reading for temp. Rise calculation.
    • d. All the necessary interlock for stirrer, ignition wire continuity, wire loose, over load etc.
    • e. Electrode short indication.
    • f. Continuity test indication.
    • g. Auto stop of the stirrer after completion of test.
    • h. Buzzer horn after completion of the test.
  • Safety interlocks/ relay :-
    • a. Over load protection.
    • b. Electrode short protection & indication.
    • c. 1-phase indication lamp.
    • d. Emergency switch off
  • Construction
    • a. Double walled construction, thermally insulated by pouring approx. 18 ltr water in the outer jacket.
    • b. Made of full stainless steel.

Accessories will be supplied with equipment:

  • SS bomb (cat no : hamco 6ac 1)
  • Calorimeter vessel with bomb support.
  • Insulated outer jacket with calorimeter vessel support.
  • Combined lid for outer jacket & calorimeter vessel.
  • Connecting tubes (copper / flexible) for filling oxygen in the bomb: 3 nos.
  • Spanner for oxygen valve & copper tube connection.
  • Oxygen control valve. (cat no : hamco 6ac 2)
  • Pressure gauge on stand with bomb lid stand.
  • Safety device.
  • Pellet press. (cat no : hamco 6ac 3)
  • Stirrer unit
  • Automatic electronic firing unit with digital Beckmann thermometer. (microprocessor based)
  • Connecting wire [electrical].
  • Hook for lifting bomb. (cat no : hamco 6ac 4)
  • Crucible. [stainless steel] (cat no : hamco 6ac 5)
  • Cotton reel(cat no : hamco 6ac 6):01 no. (approximately 200 meters)
  • Bomb o ring (cat no: hamco 6ac 7): 01 no.
  • Teflon tape: 01 no.
  • Valve body o ring (cat no: hamco 6ac 8): 01 no.
  • Ignition wire (cat no: hamco 6ac 9): 100 meters.
  • Schrader valve (cat no: hamco 6ac 10): 01 nos.
  • Bursting discs for safety device 12 nos: 1 set. (cat no : hamco 6ac 11)
  • Benzoic acid of known calorific valve. { 6319 cal / gram }
  • Valve key. {4 sided key used for replacing/tightening Schrader valve, see (p) in precautions on page 12}
  • Printer
  • Pc interface cable
  • Operating manual

Spares required for 5 year trouble free operation:

  • Cotton reel (cat no: hamco 6ac 6):05 no. (approximately 200 meters)
  • Bomb o ring (cat no: hamco 6ac 7): 02 no.
  • Valve body o ring (cat no: hamco 6ac 8): 02 no.
  • Ignition wire (cat no: hamco 6ac 9): 100 meters.
  • Schrader valve (cat no: hamco 6ac 10): 01 nos.

Electrical requirement :

  • 220-240v, 50/60hz, single phase, 10.9a
  • Or 115v, 50/60hz, single phase, 20.8a

Dimension: – ixwxh,in.(cm) :

  • 16×21.5×14.5 (41x55x37)
  • Net weight: 64 lbs (29kg)

Shipping information:

  • Shipping weight: 78 lbs (35kg)
  • Dimensions: 8.2 cu. Ft.

Ordering Information:

Catalogue No Product Description Electrical Requirement
Hamco 6E Semiautomatic bomb calorimeter without printer 220-240v, 50/60hz
Hamco 6Eexp Semiautomatic bomb calorimeter without printer 115v, 50/60hz
Hamco 6ac1 SS bomb
Hamco 6ac2 Oxygen control valve
Hamco 6ac3 Pellet press
Hamco 6ac4 Hook for lifting bomb
Hamco 6ac5 Crucible
Hamco 6ac6 Cotton reel
Hamco 6ac7 Bomb o ring
Hamco 6ac8 Valve body o ring
Hamco 6ac9 Ignition wire
Hamco 6ac10 Schrader valve
Hamco 6ac11 Bursting disc

1. What is Bomb Calorimeter
A Bomb Calorimeter is an apparatus used for measuring heats of combustion. HAMCO6A to 6E Digital Bomb Calorimeter provides a simple, inexpensive yet accurate method for the determination of heat of combustion and the sulfur contents of liquid and solid hydrocarbons and other fuels. HAMCO 6A to 6E Bomb Calorimeter is widely used in Industries in diversified fields for quality control, testing laboratories for research & development, and in teaching establishments.

2. What is Bomb Calorimeter Used For
Hamco Make Bomb calorimeter ( All Model From Hamco6A to 6E) is used For Measuring Gross Calorific Value of Any Solid and Fuels. It can not be Used for Gaseous Fuel. It is a constant Volume type of Calorimeter, which measures the Heat of a Particular reaction and thus measures the Calorific value of Fuels.

3. Bomb Calorimeter Principle
A sample is weighed and placed in a heavy-duty stainless steel cylinder referred to as a Bomb. The Bomb is then sealed with oxygen and the sample is ignited electrically. The complete oxidation of the compound releases heat and this is measured through the temperature change of the water bath surrounding the bomb. A digital sensor measures the rise in temperature. The heat of combustion at constant volume can be calculated from the resulting rise in temperature.

4. Types Of Bomb Calorimeter :-
There are three Types of Bomb Calorimeter which is Adiabatic, Isoperibol and Isothermal.

  • Adiabatic Bomb Calorimeter :- In which the transfer of heat between system and surrounding is Prevented.
  • Isoperibol Bomb Calorimeter :- In which the transfer of heat between system and surrounding in small controlled heat exchange is allowed.
  • Isothermal Bomb Calorimeter :- In which either work or heat may be used to maintain constant temperature within system.

5. Standards if Follows :-
Confirm to the specification ASTM D 4809, D 240, DE711, IS -1350- 1966, BS 1016 PART 5-1967, IP 12/63 T.

6. Summary of Test Method :-
The heat of combustion is determined by burning a weighed sample in an oxygen-bomb calorimeter under controlled conditions. The temperature increase is measured by a temperature reading instrument which allows the precision of the method to be met. The heat of combustion is calculated from temperature observations before, during, and after combustion, with proper allowance for thermochemical and heat transfer corrections.

7. What are Buyers Scope :-
The Buyer Need to arrange Oxygen cylinder with Key, Balance with 0.1 mg Least count or Max 1 mg, Distilled water approx. 20 Ltr.

8. Type of Sample it can Measure :-
It can measure any solid, any liquid. No gaseous material can be measured. High energy Fuel (Which is having GCV above 20000 Cal/gm) can be measured with reduced volume.

9. Different Models of Bomb Calorimeter :-
HAMCO Make Manual, Semiautomatic, and Fully Automatic Bomb Calorimeter. Bomb Calorimeter all operations have been divided into Major 5 segments. 1) Sample preparation, 2) Oxygen Filling 3) Temperature Rise detection 4) Calculation 5) Reporting & Corrections.

  • Manual Bomb Calorimeter :- In Manual Bomb calorimeter all this 5 thing Need to do manually. We suggest this model only to colleges and institute where accuracy and operator skill is not important. This model is only for demo purposes. We don’t suggest this model to Industries.
  • Semiautomatic Bomb Calorimeter :- In semiautomatic Bomb Calorimeter All other thing except temp rise detection has been done by Microprocessor. This usually takes around 10-15 minutes and this is where operator skill requires is the most. Hamco has done it automatically to reduce the error. While Operator is free for 15 minutes, his time is also saved to do other tasks. While in the manual model the operator skill required is the most, while is this model Operator skill requires is Optimum. He just needs to take the data from the microprocessor and do the calculation. This model we suggest to industries who want to do GCV Calculations but his budget doesn’t allow him to go with an automatic one.
  • Automatic Bomb Calorimeter :- In Automatic Bomb Calorimeter Except Sample preparation , everything has been done automatic. Our HAMCO Make Bomb Calorimeter is a single unit that doesn’t require any assembly and just Plugin start Equipment. It Has a Touchscreen PLC Display with 1000 Data storage Facilities. It’s Mostly accurate and has required minimal manual intervention. It also has an inbuilt printer which prints data immediately after the test.

Ordering Information:

Temp Rise Detection Manual Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Self Check No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oxygen Filling Manual Manual Manual Automatic Automatic
Calculation Manual Manual Manual Automatic Automatic
Calibration Reminder No No No Yes Yes
Printer Facility No No No Yes Yes
Single Unit or Assembly required Assembly required Assembly required Assembly required Assembly required Single Compact Unit
Type of Control Digital Temp Indicator Microprocessor single Line display Microprocessor single Line display Microprocessor Four Line display Touchscreen PLC Color display
Memory No No No No 1000 data

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