Hamco153a Manual Dieelectric Breakdown Voltage Tester As Per Astm D 877, Astm D 1816

Test Method : The dielectric breakdown voltage is a measure of the ability of an insulating liquid to withstand electrical stress. The power-frequency breakdown voltage of a liquid is reduced by the presence of contaminants such as cellulosic fibers, conducting particles, dirt, and water. A low result in this test method indicates the presence of significant concentrations of one or more of these contaminants in the liquid tested.

Conforms to: astm d877;astm d 1816, ip-295.
This test method is used to judge if the disk electrode breakdown voltage requirements are met for insulating liquids, as delivered from the manufacturer that have never been filtered or dried.

Technical Specification: Oil Insulation Test kit motorized (Oil BDV)

  • 1) Power supply: 230Vac+-10%,50hz+-5% single phase
  • 2) Voltage Range: 0 to 100 KV AC
  • 3) Trip Current: 10ma (custom specs)
  • 4) Indication: 3.5 digit LED meter Display
  • 5) Resolution: 0.1 KV in manual mode and 2kv auto mode
  • 6) Accuracy: +/- 2% +/- digit
  • 7) Variac: mortised
  • 8) HV Transformer- 50- 0- 50 KV with point earth double wound, air cooed epoxy Molded
  • 9) Shutdown sensitivity: 5mA
  • 10) Shutdown time : <20 milli sec
  • 11) Oil Test cell: Transparent polycarbonate molded
  • 12) Cap gauge: 2mm 2.5mm 4mm
  • 13) Cabinet : Powder coated sheet metal table top cabinet with handles
  • 14) Controls: Mains on/off, HT on/off, Stirrer on/off, INC, DEC.

Accessories will be supplied with equipments :-

  • 1) Two Nos of electrode 1 no (cat no hamco153ac1)
  • 2) Go-No go Gauge (cat no hamco153ac2)
  • 3) Electrical Fuse (cat no hamco153ac3)

Electrical Requirement :

  • 230V Ac, 50 Hz , 1 phase

Dimension : Ixwxh,in.(cm)

  • 500mmx320mmx325mm

Shipping Information :

  • Shipping weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
  • dimensions: 2 cu. Ft.

Ordering Information:

Hamco 153 Manual Die electric Breakdown Voltage tester
Hamco 153ac1 Electrode
Hamco 153ac2 Go- No go gauge
Hamco 153ac3 Electrical Fuse

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