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HAMCO DIGITAL BULK DENSITY APPARATUS is a microprocessor based instrument designed to study the packing down of powder beds of different pharmaceuticals & chemical powders and gives accurate & repeatability of the result. Bulk density is an essential test required in the process of tablet manufacturing, Capsuels filling and cosmetics manufacturing as important part of quality programl.

4 digit microprocessor based pre set counter provided to set exact number of strokes. This features eliminate the tedious calculation of timer mode. A common holder for both the cylinder drops down smoothly from the specified height. Easy to lock cushioned holders are provided to hold the cylinder. In power failure non volatile memory of the microprocessor remember the last mode of operation, and complete the test after power resumed.


  • Cylinder Capacity : 50ml X 2 nos.
  • No of drops : Adjustable between 1 to 9999 drops.
  • DISPLAY : Digital display.
  • Drop Height : 25mm approx.
  • Dimension : 350 X 270 X 280mm ( W x D x H )
  • WEIGHT : 11 KG Approx.
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