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Humidity Chamber Manufacturer in India

Humidity Chamber Manufacturer in India provide Humidity Chamber which are invented in a dual decker type creation. The frame is made of mild brace with epoxy dust coat finish. The incubator can go up to high temperature of 6 deg to 70 deg C and provided with heat resilient door handlebars. The total warming and heat control is microprocessor built. Humidity Chambers are planned for testing of electrical components, electronic, erosion trainings on automated parts, shelf lifecycle lessons on vamishes, paints and cement at respective manufacturing amenities. These Chamber control exact Humidity and heat.
Humdity Chambers are accessible in GMP & Regular versions.
• Heat range 10°C to 60°C, Humidity range 45% to 90% Rh
• Heating by long life
• Castor Wheel for easy movability.
• Humidification through steam injection system

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