Manufacturer of Oil, Petrol, Grease, Wax, bitumen, Coal, Paint, Water Testing instruments , Pharmaceutical Testing chambers, Heating and Cooling Equipment.

Laboratory Precision Oven (Forced Air Circulation) – Hamco 101 Series:

“ Hamco” make Lab precision Oven are with forced air circulation provided by means of motorized blower fitted on the oven for re- circulation of air ensures a homogenous hot air mixture and an exact temperature profile . Ovens are made of Triple walled construction . The unit is insulated with 3” high grade glass wool . Single door fitted on heavy hinges . The unit is provided with user friendly adjustable stainless steel rod mesh trays.

Capacity (Litres) :  43, 91, 122, 216, 324, 400, 800, 1000.

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