Catalogue Moisture Oven For Coal as Per ASTM D 3173 (Model Hamco 103)

  • This test method is based on the loss in weight of a coal sample in an air atmosphere under rigidly controlled conditions of temperature, time, and airflow.
  • A provision for renewing the preheated air in the oven at the rate of one to four times a minute, with the dry air.
  • An exhaust change-over valve allows the output flow meter to be by-passed during operation, preventing the build of condensation in the flow meter.
  • Temperature range : Above ambient to 150°C ± 2°C.
  • Timer provided to set the operation time.
  • 230 V, 50 Hz. Power supply.

Features & Benefits :

  • 1) TYPE OF OVEN :- Electrically Heated.
  • 2) CONTRUCTION: Double Body Construction.
  • 3) CHAMBER SIZE : 30CM X 30CM X 30CM
  • 4) MOC (Material of Construction): Inner Body Made Of Ss 304, Outer Body Made Of G.I. Duly Powder Coated.
  • 5) Colour: Attractive Finished, Aesthetic Look With Outer Body Duly Powder Coated With Siemens Grey And Panel And Door Made Of Peacock Blue.
  • 6) MAX WORKING TEMP. : 200 Deg C.
  • 8) HEATER : SS Tubular Heater with Clamp.
  • 9) INSUATION : Glass wool Dense Grade
  • 10) Temperature Controller :-
  • a. Temp. Is Controlled By Microprocessor Based PID Temp. Controller ,
  • b. It Is Having Dual Display With LNT Or Siemens Contactor For Switching On & Switching Off The Heater.
  • 11) TIMER : Inbuilt Timer of 99.99 Hrs. Which Will Cut Off The Heater And Horns The Buzzer After Specified Time. It Can Be Bypassed Also.
  • 12) INPUT POWER SUPPLY : 230 V Ac, 50 Hz, 1 Phase
  • 15) ACCURACY : +/- 1 Deg C
  • 16) Thermocouple :-
  • a. Calibrated Rtd Type Thermocouple Will Be Provided Capable Of Measuring Up to 400 Deg C At Accuracy Of +/- 0.1 Deg C
  • a. Digital Display for Present, Set Temperatures, Time Duration and Temperature Profile.
  • b. Analogue Display for Input Voltage And Load Current.
  • a. Overload Safety Cut-Off
  • b. Safety For Input Power Fluctuation
  • c. 1-Phase Indication Lamp.
  • d. Emergency Switch Off

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