Muffle Furnace upto 1800 Deg C Manufacturer in India

Muffle Furnace upto 1800 Deg C Manufacturer in India / GMP Model Upto 1200 0 deg C

HAMCO Make Muffle furnace are used for routine laboratory application like incineration , backing, drying, annealing, heat treatment of metal and material testing, ash content , volatility of matter etc. HAMCO Make muffle furnace are light weight , compact design, short up heating time , high grade insulation and with all safety features to provide the best of the accuracy.

  • Type of Furnace: Electrically Heated Muffle furnace.
  • Working Temp Range : 5 degree above ambient to 1100 deg c
  • Maximum Working temperature : 1200 deg c for Max 1 hr only
  • Temp Accuracy: +/- 3 degree.
  • Temp. Uniformity: +/- 5 degree throughout the chamber.
  • Muffle is made of siliminite. Make “Kumar” Brand.
  • The lining of the door is done by High quality Mythan bricks.
  • Temp. Display: Digital LED 3 ½ digit, Resolution 1 degree C.
  • Back Port ventury system for quick exhaust.
  • A grade K type sensor used for better accuracy.
  • No contact of Hot surface to body for heat loss prevention.
  • Front Hole for observation with shutter Knob.
  • Double walled, gap between body and muffle will be filled by high density ceramic blanket.
  • Standard Model: Body is made of heavy gauge Powder- coated CRC exterior.
  • GMP Model: Stainless steel Mirror polished chamber and exterior of dull finish stainless steel.
  • Hinged door with single lever for door lock.
  • 4” Thick heavy density ceramic blanket Insulation.
  • Unit Mounted on castor wheels with front lock arrangement.
  • Microprocessor based PID temp. Controller with auto tune facility for precise control of temperature.
  • Temp. Sensor: K type. Measure Maximum up to 1200 deg C.
  • Necessary switch gears to indicate the status of the power supply and heater.
  • Main switch MCB for switching on/off the power.
  • Dedicated safety controller with separate sensor to cut off the heater in case of overshoot. (Optional , Extra at cost)
  • Microprocessor based PID Profile controller , Programmable up to 8 steps /segment per programme of Ramp/soak Profile, In built memory for resumption of running programme in case of power disturbance, auto switch of on the completion of the cycle , Programmable heating rate up to 5 to 25 deg C /minute. (Optional, extra at cost) ( PFU-400 )
  • Recorder data bank offline to store and print set values , process values , date and time of master controllers with variable print time intervals ( Optional) ( RCR-11)
  • PC Interface communication card with RS 485 for temperature control system ( Hardware only) ( optional) (PCL-1)
  • PC Interface software for temperature controlling as well as online recording with facility to visualise the data in chart form, in bar chart form, in graph form or in excel worksheet form.( Optional , extra at cost) (SOFTWARE -1)
  • Over heat temperature cut off by safety temperature controller ( Optional at extra cost).(SAFETY-1200)
  • Electrical overload safety by MCB.
  • Door switch to cut off the heater when open the door. ( Optional at extra cost) (DRS-11)
  • Electrical short circuit breaker by MCB.
  • Power supply of 230 V Ac, 50 Hz
  • Room Exhaust fan or window or Fume hood near furnace table.
  • Heater is made of Kanthal A1 wire wounded equally on the muffle.
  • The original Kanthal certificate will be submitted at the time of delivery.
  • The heater is designed with low watt density for better life of the heater and to remove thermal shock to the chamber.

Ordering Information:

Standard GMP Litres Chamber in cms Over All Unit Packed in wooden case VAC Hz Watts
HAMCO60S -2.3 (1200) HAMCO60 G-2.3(1200) 2.3 23 X 10 X 10 45 X 35 X 35 35 50 230,50 2500
HAMCO60 S-4.25(1200) HAMCO60 G-4.25(1200) 4.25 25 X 13 X 13 47 X 38 X 38 45 60 230,50 2800
HAMCO60 S-6.75(1200) HAMCO60 G-6.75(1200) 6.75 30 X 15 X 15 53 X 41 X 41 55 70 230,50 3500
HAMCO60 S-16(1200) HAMCO60G-16(1200) 16 30 X 23 X 23 54 X 50 X 50 75 100 230,50 2500
HAMCO60 S-24(1200) HAMCO60G-24(1200) 24 45 X 23 X 23 69 X 50 X 50 85 110 230,50 7000
HAMCO60 S-29(1200) HAMCO60G-29(1200) 29 30 X 30 X 30 57 X 57 X 57 110 145 230,50 9000


  • High density ceramic blanket is used for insulation.
  • Door line will be done by Hard grade Mythan bricks.
  • Furnace lining also done by Hard grade Mythan bricks.


  • Calibration Certificate treacable to ERTL /NPL for temp calibration
  • IQ,PQ,OQ validation manual.
  • Original Kanthal wire batch number certificate.

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