Oil Bath

“HAMCO” make Constant Temperature Oil Bath are designed and fabricated to suit various I.S. standards application in the growing field of Medical, Agricultural Institution, Bio-Chemical Industrial, Research laboratories and Various Industries.


  • Temperature Range 50C above ambient to 250.00C.

Specification :

Capacity 15 LTR 20 LTR 25 LTR 30 LTR.
Working Size (cms) 20 x 20 x 25 25 x 25 x 25 35 x 30 x 25 40 x 30 x 25
External Size (cms) 30 x 48 x 53 35 x 53 x 53 45 x 58 x 53 50 x 58 x 53
Inner Chamber Stainless Steel 304 quality
External Mild Steel Powder coated / Stainless Steel
Range 50C above ambient to 250.00C
Circulation Through Motorised Stirrer
Safety Safety For Overload Current
Controller Dual Display Digital Microprocessor Based PID Temp. Controller
Sensor PT 100 ( RTD )
Accuracy + / – 0.5 0C
Uniformity + / – 20C after 20 min.
Heat up time 45 min. upto 99.90C without load with respect to ambient
Lid SS Lid with Insulation with handle
Insulation Glass Wool 40 mm
Capacity (Watts)
Power Consumption
Net Weight, approx. 8 Kgs 12 Kgs
Electric requirements AC 230V & 50 Hz cycle.
Pump (PUMP-1) Circulation Pump with Head up to 10 mtr
Safety Circuit (SAFETY-1) Electronic Low Water Level Cut Off Circuit
PCI-1 PC Interface communication Card
RCR-11 Data Bank to record, store and print set values, Process values, Date & time of master controllers with variable print time intervals
SOFTW-21 “HAMCO” CFR 21 Part 11 compliance windows based communication software for data management. Complete with RS 485 multi dropping to monitor multiple chambers to one software

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