Hamco-114 Salt Spray Corrosion Chamber

  • The HAMCO Salt Spray Corrosion chamber is used to test the corrosion resistance of protective coating on ferrous & nonferrous material. This chamber carries the test at Room Temp. ( Heating is not provided )
  • Made of perspect inert material (Acrylic)
  • Suitable for panels of size 150mm x 100mm
  • The panels will be placed at an angle of 15°.
  • The panels are equally placed at a distance of 20mm from each other as well from the walls.
  • The chamber has Gable type cover.
  • The nozzle also will be of the inert material & placed in front of the deflector plate.
  • Accessories Sample Hangers & Tray.
Hamco 114A ( for 16 panel) Approx. Size : 300mm x 470mm x 380mm ht Chamber size 240mm x 300mm x 230mmht 16 panel
Hamco 114B ( for 24 panel ) Approx. Size : 300mm x 570mm x 380mm htChamber size 240mm x 400mm x 230mm ht 24 panel


  • Compressed air is required to use in SALT SPRAY CHAMBER and is to be arrange by the user.
  • Air Compressor Specifications are as follows.
  • 1) Motor: ½ Hp, single / three phases.
  • 2) Air storage tank capacity: 40 Ltr approx.
  • 3) Control: Automatic pressure switch which maintains the pressure in Air Storage Tank.
  • 4) Tank Pressure: 100 PSI.
  • 5) Pressure Gauge: 1 to 5 Bar
  • 6) Safety: Mechanical pressure release valve.

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