Semi-Automatic Penske Marten Flash Point Apparatus

HAMCO make Semi-Automatic Penske Marten Flash Point Apparatus are designed & fabricated to suit various ASTM, IP & I.S. standards application in the growing field of petroleum, grease, Biodiesel ,Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories & Various Industries. It has a cutting edge technology to challenge & maintain Climatic conditions above freezing what so ever & where ever you need.

  • Temperature room temp. . To 3700C
  • Digital Display Electronic Temperature Controller with an accuracy of +/-0.50C
  • It determines the flash point by semi-automatic pensky martene closed cup tester of fuel oils, lube oils, suspension of solids, liquids that tend to form a surface film under test conditions, and other liquids.
  • HAMCO 30C Semiautomatic Pensky Martene flash point apparatus electrically heated can be controlled by energy regulator or voltage variac.
  • It can be heated electrically or by gas also.
  • Dual speed – Deluxe model.
  • With oil cup, lid, gas ignition device.
  • Electric driven stirring device with dual speed 90-120 rpm and 250 rpm.
  • Air arrangement for cooling.
  • Energy regulator temperature controller with temperature indicator.
  • Gas ON/OFF valve.
  • Power supply: 230 V, 1 Phase, 50 Hz, 8 A total load.
  • Size of the equipment approximately 330mm X 310mm X 290mm.
  • Weight approx: 8.0 Kg.

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