1. What is vacuum oven ?
Vacuum oven is the device in which heating of the sample or product can be done under controlled vacuum conditions.

2. What is the application of Vacuum oven ?
Under vacuum conditions the drying becomes easy as the boiling point of water reduce much more. Vacuum oven is used to dry sample Faster, Gentle and more energy efficient. Also due to vacuum , it will dry in no oxygen conditions , so it removes oxidation completely and thus the property of dried substance has been maintained.

3. How does Vacuum oven works?
In Vacuum oven , First we need to Load the sample in the Vacuum oven. Connect the Vacuum oven to vacuum pump and get the desired vacuum and start heating by setting desired temp and hold the sample for certain time. This way you can do vacuum drying.

4. What is the advantage of Vacuum Oven ?
1. In vacuum oiven , the average drying temperature is much lower than standard drying temperature.
2. Quality of the material dried with vacuum oven is much better than quality of the material dried with normal Lab oven.
3. The drying will be uniform as there is no air and no gravity. So Heat will apply uniform across larger surface area.
4. Drying is faster as due to vacuum , the boiling temperature will come down of water, so need to heat up at less temperature.
5. It dries large moisture compared to normal drier. If vacuum is much lower the drying is much deeper.
6. In vacuum drying , the material can be dried in containor or sealing.

5. Limitations of the vacuum oven ?
1. It is expensive compared to standard drier.
2. It requires much skill compared to normal drier.

6. Application of the Vacuum oven ?
Vacuum oven can be used in varied industries such as
1. Pharmaceutical.
2. Chemical
3. Food processing .
4. Paper

7. Vacuum oven as per 21 CFR Software?
Hamco is making Vacuum oven as per GMP Norms with 21 cfr facility specially for pharma industries. The vacuum oven captures the data of temperature and vacuum at specified log intervals and this data can be previed as per 21 cfr report format.

8. Why Hamco ?

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Vacuum Oven Manufacturer in India

The Purpose of Vacuum Oven Manufacturer in India is to provide heating under vacuum condition or in some inert atmosphere to stop oxidising the product. HAMCO Make GMP vacuum oven are especially built to Pass FDA and ICH Q1A compliance standards and have a reputation for reliability, quality and performance. Exceed FDA/ICH guidelines for long term , intermediate and accelerated stability studies.

  • Temperature Range 5.0 °C above ambient to 250.0 °C. Accuracy +/- 0.5 °C. Uniformity +/- 1.0 °C
  • Temperature Display : Digital LED 3 ½ digit, Resolution 0.1 deg C
  • Heating system: Heating coil mounted on fibre glass cloth wounded on the chamber.
  • Two Valve Provided to do vacuum or inert atmosphere.



  • Double walled , gap between walls filled with glasswool Insulation.
  • Standard Model : Stainless steel Mirror polished chamber and heavy guage Powder- coated CRC exterior.
  • GMP Model : Stainless steel Mirror polished chamber and exterior of dull finish stainless steel.
  • Glass door : Front door mounted with glass door for Full observation of the chamber.
  • 3” Thick glasswool Insulation.
  • Stainless steel Trays. Adjustable Tray Height adjustment.
  • Unit Mounted on castor wheels with front lock arrangement for hamco106e and above model.


  • Microprocessor based PID temp. controller with auto tune facility for precise control of temperature.
  • Temp. Sensor : PT- 100.
  • Dedicated safety thermostatic controller to cut off the supply in case of overshoot of temperature.
  • Recorder data bank to store and print set values , process values , date and time of master controllers with variable print time intervals ( Optional)
  • Alarm : Audio visual alarm if temperature deviates from the preset temperature.
  • PC Interface communication card with RS 485 for temperature control system ( Hardware only) ( optional)



  • Over heat temperature cut off with alarm.
  • Electrical short circuit breaker.
  • Three heat switch to reduce the heater capacity for low temperature Option.


  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software with audit trial ( who did what and when is recorded)
  • Multilevel Passwords.
  • Data storage device has online and offline capabilities.
  • Multi chamber data acquisition on single software.
  • Tabular and graphical report, alarm deviation report.
  • Mean Kinetic temperature report and alarm deviation report.
  • Audit trial report.
  • Attractive reports and graphs.
  • Alarm report.
  • Time synchronisation.


Ordering Information:

Standard GMP Chamber Type Litres Chamber Over All Unit Packed in wooden case VAC Hz Watts
HAMCO106S -11 HAMCO106G -11 Round 11 22.5 x 30 55 x 45 x 40 2 20 32 230,50 1000
HAMCO106S -26 HAMCO106G -26 Round 26 30 x 38 63 x 54 x 50 2 32 47 230,50 1200
HAMCO106S -50 HAMCO106G -50 Round 50 38 x 45 71 x 63 x 60 2 45 60 230,50 1500
HAMCO107S -27 HAMCO107G -27 Rectangle 27 30x30x30 64 x 50 x 65 2 38 53 230,50 1200
HAMCO107S -40 HAMCO107 G -40 Rectangle 40 30x30x45 64 x 50 x 80 3 50 66 230,50 1500
HAMCO107S -121 HAMCO107G -121 Rectangle 121 45x45x60 80 x 65 x 95 3 80 98 230,50 3000

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